About Us

Cathay Importers (London) Ltd, is a family-run company, established in northwest London for over 35 years. Operated from a main warehouse in a centralised location, we serve to provide a wide selection of the best and most popular oriental wines and beverages to distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets. We also offer a quick and efficient delivery service to restaurants and retailers in London and the surrounding areas.

Our company specialises in the import and distribution of an expanding range of oriental beers, wines and beverages, as well as being the sole agents of the 'Sawanotsuru' brand, the most well-known of the Japanese Sake rice wines in the UK.

We hold a large selection of products sourced from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Europe to cater for all our customers’ needs, many which we import directly from the country of origin. From beers, rice wines used for drinking and cooking, spirits, wines, mineral waters and soft drinks.

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Our History

Cathay Importers (London) Ltd was founded in 1973 in Willesden High Street, London. Currently led by our present company director, Mr Jipeng Wu, we import and sell our 'Sawanotsuru' branded Sake which is today our predominant product within our vast product catalogue.

In the mid-eighties, we were the first company to directly import Chinese Shaohsing rice wine to be used in nearly all of our fine-tasting and much sought-after oriental dishes. Throughout our company trading history, we have incorporated many famous brands, including Tiger Beer which was introduced during the 1990's by importing directly from Singapore, and we are proud to be one of the main companies responsible for establishing the brand in the UK.

Successful growth meant that Cathay Importers had expanded, and in 1993, relocated to our current warehouse building, close-by to the original premises. Headed by Mr Jipeng Wu, our Company Director, we are looking into further expansion through a programme of new product ventures.

Company Director,

Jipeng Wu