Chinese & Taiwan Wines

We offer many different Shaohsing (rice wine) from both China and Taiwan. Shaohsing is used extensively in Oriental cooking, to add that extra sparkle to a dish, but there are many other varieties, each possessing their own distinct, enhanced flavour, which are consumed purely for drinking pleasure, including, Jiafan and Hua Tiao.

In support of our trade customers and their client base, we are continually broadening our extensive range of mineral waters, soft drinks and fruit juices. These are the popular branded names such as Hildon, Heartsease, Evian, Perrier, Coca Cola, Schweppes and many others.

Taiwan Wines

Various China and Taiwan Wines

Taiwan Shao Hsing wine 600ml x 12

Taiwan Michiu wine 600ml x 12

Taiwan Lychee wine 600ml x 12

Chinese Cooking Wines

Chinese Jia Fan, Hua Tiao Cooking Wines

Chinese Shao Hsing cooking wine 640ml x 12

Chinese Shao Hsing cooking wine 500ml x 12

Chinese Shao Hsing cooking wine 3.0L x 4

Chinese Shao Hsing

Various Chinese Shao Hsing

Hua Tiao (alc 18%) 640ml x 12

Hua Tiao (alc 17%) (10years) 500ml x 12

Jia Fan 640ml x12

Jia Fan (8years) 750ml x 12

Plum and Kwei Hua Wines

Various Plum Wines

China Plum Wine 750ml x 12

Kwei Hua Chan Chew 750ml x 12

China Plum Liquor (plum inside) 750ml x 8