Sawanotsuru is the most well-known of the Japanese Sake rice wines in the United Kingdom and is very highly esteemed in its home country as a very distinguished quality Sake.

The brand was established three centuries ago in 1717 and has developed a long tradition since its beginnings in Nada, Japan. The region is famous for Sake production as an ideal location for superior rice and natural spring water - the essential ingredients of Sake - along with Koji (mold) and brewing alcohol. The ‘Yamada-Nishiki’ is the most renowned rice used in the brewing of sake as it produces an intensive fragrance, and has been nick-named the King of Rice for sakes.

Cathay Importers (London) Ltd is delighted to be the sole agent for Sawanotsuru. It is a long-standing partnership that has flourished with the successful placement of their products, offered in their many sizes and varieties, upon the shelves of major supermarkets, oriental stores and restaurants, thus covering an extensive market.

The Sawanotsuru sake brand name is renowned across Asia and has once again proven itself in the London and the UK, helping us to achieve one-third of the UK sake market consistently over the last 3 years. We aspire to improve our market share and further help promote Sawanotsuru as a global brand, achieving recognition everywhere.

Origins of Sawanotsuru

The name "Sawanotsuru", meaning "crane of the swamp", came from Japanese mythology. Princess Yamatohimenomikoto (倭姫命) moved the shrine of the Sun Goddess to its present location at Ise. On the way back, she came across a white crane in a swamp which held a sheaf of rice in its beak and presented it to the princess as a present.

The Princess was moved by the kind gesture of the crane and She then bided the god Isawatominokami (伊佐波登美神) to brew sake from the rice and gave it to the Sun Goddess.Out of appreciation, she christened the crane as Ōtoshinokami(五穀の神=大歳神), the God of Food.

The founder of Sawanotsuru heard about the story and liked it a lot. He thus named the company "SAWANOTSURU"

SAWA (沢) – A swamp which provides water for plants and animals to live. Cranes love the swamp where they rest in between travelling long journeys. We hope our sake can enrich a man’s life by having a short rest before they take flight once again.

Our Sawanotsuru Museum

View our Sawanotsuru Museum in Nada, Kobe.